Great Nebula in Orion
The Great Nebula resides near the center of Orion's sword, a fuzzy patch of light visible to the naked eye. The width of the nebula is about one degree or twice the diameter of a full moon. Here the Great Nebula, Messier object M42 is the flame-like structure on the right; the smaller puff on the left is another nebula known as M43.

Illuminated by ultraviolet light from a few central stars, these clouds of hydrogen gas appear reddish in exposures of 20-30 seconds.

This image was taken from Manastash Ridge around 4:00 am on the morning of October 10, 2001.

848 mm focal length, f/8
Separate exposures taken for red (20s), green (30s) and blue (30s)
Sidereal tracking but no auto-guiding