Astronomy Archive

These are some of the early astronomy pictures I've taken.

Sun, Moon, Planets and Comets

trow100s.gif trow302s.gif trow202s.gif trow603s.gif
trow205s.gif trow630s.gif trow631s.gif trow635s.gif
trow633s.gif trow634s.gif trow605s.gif Machholz_s.gif

Star Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies

trow606s.gif trow612s.gif trow613s.gif trow609s.gif
trow602s.gif trow601s.gif trow632s.gif trow617s.gif
trow610s.gif trow611s.gif trow614s.gif trow616s.gif
trow600s.gif trow608s.gif trow607s.gif trow615s.gif

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