Forecast for Sky Conditions Tonight


The chart below shows a prediction for sky conditions for the next couple of days. Each column corresponds to one hour of the day or night. Columns of darker squares indicate better viewing conditions. Click on the chart for more details.

The Clear Sky Clock is a Web application developed by Attilla Danko to serve astronomer’s needs for predictions of cloud cover and seeing conditions from observatories around the world. Based on satellite imagery and calculations using computer models developed by the Canadian Meteorological Centre, Clear Sky Charts are updated every few hours for over 1600 different locations.

Satellite Images

Current GOES-WEST Infrared Satellite Image

Animated Images from GOES-WEST for the past 6 hours

Jet Stream Model

Jet Stream Analyses and Forecasts from California Regional Weather Server

Current location of the jet stream over western North America

Weather Forecasts

15-Day Forecast for Greenbank, WA from

Local Forecast for Greenbank, WA from

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